Bekezela Mbatha

Bekezela Mbatha is an experienced photographer, creative consultant and a writer based in Durban, South Africa. He considers himself a thinking eye as he mainly uses visual mediums such as fashion, documentary and commercial photography to share his cultural observations and challenge the human perception. Over the past five years, Bekezela can also be credited for his contributions towards documenting the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Durban Fashion Fair, 2018 Zakifo Music Festival and his current work as a creative consultant for the Durban based women’s wear brand ULOLISA. Born on the 10th of August, just a day after women’s day and being raised in a women headed household, Bekezela trades under the moniker son of august as way to pay homage to the women that raised him, the ones around him who continue to support his craft and the women who are making positive change globally.



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