Dr. Lee Swales

Fri 18 June

Dr. Lee Swales is a consultant attorney at Thomson Wilks, and senior law lecturer at the School of Law, University of KwaZulu-Natal. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (summa cum laude), a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree from the University of Cape Town. With a focus and background in technology, Lee specialises in all aspects of intellectual property, data protection and cyber-crime, and generally speaking, provides advice on all forms of contract and regulatory compliance. Swales’ workshop will focus on the fundamentals of starting a new business (whether it be a sole prop or a registered business). Topics of discussion include; contracts, intellectual property, the consumer protection act and advice on business registration.

Zwelisha Giampietri

Thurs 17 June

MANIFEST YOUR MAGIC: Communicating a Fashion Brand with Zwelisha Giampietri. A look at how to present your fashion brand to the world using visual communication and design. We will workshop how to develop and plan a photoshoot for your group collection.

Cashandra Willemse

Tues 15 June

It’s all about you, the brand. Individual consults with Stellenbosch Academy Head of Graphic Design, Cashandra Willemse. One-on-ones.

Fathima Kathrada

Tues 15 June

A discussion on hand lettering, imposter syndrome and putting yourself out there.

Kile Edwards

Mon 14 Jun

Photoshop tutorial and touch ups with professional Kile Edwards. “My favourite image is the next image I am going to create. Having studied photography to follow my passion I landed a full time job as a retoucher. I have been retouching full time for the past 6 years and I have fallen in love with the artform. I am the guy in the background who makes the photographer’s dreams come true.”

Creative Exchange

Fri 11 June

A creative exchange between Durban and Stellenbosch within the frame-work of creative networking and collaboration in South and southern Africa. An exploration of the creative connections, exchanges, collaborations and points of difference between Durban and Stellenbosch via a journey that will bring the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography Honours students to Durban for creative interactions with Durban based creatives, such as ARTLAB’s photographers, graphic designers and fashion designers.

Fezile Mdletshe

Thurs 10 June

MANIFEST YOUR MAGIC: Communicating a Fashion Brand with Zwelisha Giampietri. A look at how to present your fashion brand to the world using visual communication and design.

Lindiwe Gugushe

Tues 8 June

In this workshop, Gugushe will be exploring the principles of design thinking and the importance of applying these principles to create spaces, products and design work that is true to African experiences. Designers need to familiarise themselves with other design disciplines because design is one huge formula to problem solving.

The Messy Evolution of the Durban Creative

Fri 4 June

Crafting a career as a creative in Durban requires tenacity and adaptability, as Russel Hlongwane and Bob Perfect know all too well. In this panel discussion, Russel and Bob take a look back at their evolutions through Durban’s creative scene and how they’ve adapted to an often hostile environment. Both Russel and Bob have taken unique paths that occasionally intersect. By dissecting their different approaches, you should walk away with a few ideas on how to navigate the Durban creative scene for yourself.

Coach Scelo Mentor

Thurs 3 June

An engaging conversation on the importance of taking the responsibility of keeping yourself motivated as an entrepreneur. Coach Scelo Buthelezi is an independent business coach and business skills facilitator working in marginalised communities using self development tools to coach and develop startup entrepreneurs in various stages of their business growth.


Wed 2 June

Photographers Andiswa Mkosi, Thandiwe Gula-Ndebele and Baveesha Naran, connect virtually with ARTLAB photo participants. A sharing of portfolios and the shaping of concepts.


Fri 28 May

This Friday 3 amazing local creatives, share their stories, and how they have managed to sustain their passions over the years. We have photographer, Gift Banda, graffiti artist, KEV7, and Kat Kali. This talk is open to non-ARTLAB participants. If you are an emerging creative in Durban, please RSVP to brooke@artlabdurban.co.za / info@artlabdurban.co.za by Thurs 27 May, 12pm. Emerging creatives who RSVP and ARTLAB participants will take preference.

Menzi Maseko

Thurs 27 May

An engaging conversation about how to best cost your products and services. As a social-entrepreneur, avid trend researcher and director of multiple-business entities, Menzi Maseko focuses on the intricate balance between time and value. As creator of Green Ankh Works, Maseko and his team have curated events featuring fashion designers, performance and visual artists.

Bob Perfect

Wed 26 May

Bob Perfect shares his experiences in self-publishing through a number of different mediums. Bob is a comedian, writer, organiser, and podcaster who has been self-publishing for over a decade. In this talk, Bob explains the benefits of controlling your own narrative and creating your own “hype”, whilst also looking at the struggles and difficulties of getting your voice heard amongst the noise of the modern world.

Nivesh Rawatlal

Tues 25 May

A workshop about aiming high and hitting low, screwing around and screwing up. We will explore how to make something out of mistakes and get by with next to no budget as an illustrator caught in a postmodern depression.

YAHNO! Collective

Friday 21 May

So you’ve got an idea, a skill, a product and it’s just what this world needs! Great! But how do you take it from an idea to a full fledged brand? We’ve got your checklist, so let’s talk starting from scratch and building your empire while doing what you love!

Phili Mpili-Mkhwanazi

Thurs 20 May

This workshop focuses on fashion marketing, dealing with the advertising of clothing and accessories to target markets. You have to know who you are advertising to, and the means of advertising in order to maximize sales, while also deciding at what price to sell the products to attract customers and generate profit.

Tash Hosken Lange

Weds 19 May

What is your story? What are you selling, what is it worth and who is buying? This workshop looks to give some insights into the business of selling yourself, a week in the life of a working photographer and business owner and the juggle between creative and administrator. We hope to leave the participants with some practical tools that help photographers, and all creatives, navigate their way to success.

Siviwe Jali

Tues 18 May

Many Mickles make a Muckle: At certain times we are so involved in the little things in life we don’t recognise how they come together to paint a bigger picture.


Friday 14 May

ARTLAB Photographers share their stories and work via live stream to Durban University of Technology’s Department of Visual Communication Design.

Terrance Bray

Thurs 6 May

FROM 2D TO 3D: all things pattern-making. An engaging conversation to review some industry practices & allow you the opportunity to express your own pattern-making concerns. With focus on the following: Types of pattern making 2D to 3D and vice versa visualisation Tips and tricks

Juice the Giant

Weds 5 May

Juice will review portfolios and the equipment used to edit/grade images in this session, providing photographers with pointers on how to enhance their work.

Rejoice Kunene

Tues 4 May

Knowing your strengths in the design world and Freelance vs Working for an Agency. Rejoice Kunene will be talking alongside her mentor, Daniel Skaftouros Founder and Creative Director at Weaverbird Marketing.

Curate.a.space - Carol Brown & Zinhle Khumalo

Fri 30 April

The Business of Art: You’ve made your art so What Now? How to market yourself and your work as presented by leading curators Carol Brown & Zinhle Khumalo.

Charly-Carmen Smith

Thurs 29 April

Think Different: Things to consider during product development. Move away from linear design thinking and toward a more circular process, eliminating the lifecycle of beginning, middle & end.

Andre Swart

Wed 28 April

Film Photography and Conceptualising: a conversation focusing on the nuances of making photographs considering the limitations of 35mm film.

MakerSpace - Steve Gray

Fri 23 April

The MakerSpace founder Steve Gray led a workshop focused on Design Thinking.

SuperScientists - Justin Yarrow

Mon 19 April

Augmented reality brings static objects to life with Justin Yarrow at ARTLAB.


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